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A ton of ESL Games for making language teaching fun.  We have great ESL games, ESL songs and downloadable ESL resources for ESL and EFL teachers.  

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We use our LEEP Letters as the foundation of our phonics program.  LEEP makes learning to read in English instinctive and easy.  Download your Free Set NOW!


Easy Kids Songs Vol.1 is now available on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and of course on Easy ESL Games.

Use our ESL Games and resources to make​​​​ learning fun!


ESL Songs

If you're looking for catchy ESL songs that have been created for classroom use, look no further.  These songs are easy to use, they teach a variety of language targets and most of these Easy Kids Songs have accompanying videos & downloadable resources.

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Downloadable ESL Resources

We're focusing on making Easy ESL Games your go-to destination for classroom materials.  Whether you're looking for games, word searches,  or great flashcards that help you reinforce and add excitement to your lessons, we should have what you're looking for!

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We've all had ESL games that have "flopped", it's not fun for students or teachers.  Thats why we make sure that each ESL Game has a clearly stated objective, information about materials required and easy to follow instructions.  

Looking for ESL games and ideas?  Check out all of our Easy ESL Game videos on YouTube!

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We love combining the ABC Songs with Alphabet Sounds with our LEEP Letters.  The combination of the two has made teaching phonics much easier and way more effective. 


ESL Language Cards are designed to give your young learners the basic words and phrases they'll need for communicating in an English classroom environment.  Download your FREE pack Right Here.

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