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The Traditional ABC Song Doesn't Work....Kinda.

Students spend countless hours singing the ABC Song but it doesn't teach them a thing about reading.  Instead of teaching your class the names of each letter, The ABC Song With Alphabet Sounds teaches students the phoneme (sound) each letter makes.

By combining The ABC Song With Phonic Sounds with our L.E.E.P. Cards you can make your school's phonic program more effective than ever before.  Our Learn Easy ESL Phonic Cards are featured prominently in the video for The ABC Song With Alphabet Sounds and throughout our website.  They are free to download and work as a perfect visual complement to the song.

Using The ABC Song With Alphabet Sounds in your classes will streamline your teaching.  Not only does combining the song with our Easy ESL Games L.E.E.P. Cards provide visual and auditory stimulation, you can also add the gestures Steve and his students are using in the video above.  By appealing to multiple intelligences at the same time you can ensure NO Student is left wondering what's going on.

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