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The Super Memory Game

The Super Memory Game - Easy ESL Games

This Easy ESL Game comes from Hans. An English School Owner living between Tokyo and Yokohama In Sagamihara Japan. Hans says, he love teaching with Games because they take away the fear of failure and stimulate students to repeat and repeat and to try and try WITHOUT getting bored of frustrated.​This game is take on concentration he […]

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How To Teach Phonics With A Letter Swap

How to teach phonics with a letter swap - Easy ESL Games site thumb

Letter Swaps are as fun and easy way to let your students play around with the different sounds in their names.  This post shows you how to use 2 fast and fun phonics activities to grab your students attention.  The Details About Letter Swaps:​The only materials required are a whiteboard or a piece of paper and a marker.​A […]

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How to teach body related vocabulary with the “Duck Game”.

How to teach body related vocabulary with the game Duck - Easy ESL Games Site Thumb

This classroom game comes to us from Nicole P. Nicole is a very active member of the Easy ESL Games community and has suggested some great games. Nicole is currently teaching ESL classes to 6 year olds in Israel.This game is called Duck. It’s similar to the game “Simon Says” in the way it teaches […]

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How To Use Pictionary In Your EFL Classroom


This is a really fun game that sure to be a hit. You might know it as Pictionary, or Listen and Draw. It’s great for vocabulary review and question and answer practice. A game usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.The Details About Pictionary: ​You can use it to practice almost any vocabulary item.The materials you’ll […]

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Make A Snake is a classroom game that creates a need for students to speak!

Make A Snake Easy ESL Games Site thumb

Make A Snake is a fun and exhausting game that requires almost no preparation but gets tons of question and answer practice in a short amount of time. The Details About Make A Snake:It’s perfect for question and answer practice.It’s highly adaptable.Each game lasts between 1 and 2 minutes, but you can play multiple times. […]

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Tic Tac Twist is an easy way to “create-a-need” for students to use vocabulary items.

Easy ESL Games - Tic Tac Twist

This game is a great twist on Tic Tac Toe that can work with almost any subject.​In this example we’ll use food as our topic and “What do you like?” “I like bananas.” as the language target. Materials:9 different lesson related vocabulary cards A whiteboard.Magnets.A whiteboard marker.How to:1) Split your class into two teams.2) Pre-teach the vocabulary […]

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A Comparison Chain is a great game for teaching comparisons in your higher level classes.

Comparison Chain -site Thumb - Easy ESL Games

A Comparison Chain is a fun and easy ESL game that will help you teach comparisons in your ESL / EFL classroom. In practice it’s a more complicated version of the classic game Shiritori. Where Shiritori is a word chain that connects words based on the last and first letters, this ESL game connects nouns […]

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3 Card Hold’em is an easy vocabulary review you can use directly after teaching new words.

3 Card Hold’em is a fun and easy way to get your class using newly learned vocabulary and target language right away! It’s extremely simple to use and 3 Card Hold’em is guaranteed to be fun for your whole ESL/EFL class. The Details About 3 Card Hold’em:3 card hold’em is vocabulary review.The only materials required are […]

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How to use the song Red Ball to teach colours in your EFL classroom!


This classroom game works great as a warm up activity or a vocabulary review.  It’s adaptable,  it gets your students moving and it’s as much fun as a bucket of coloured balls. The Details About Red Ball:​This song is used to teach colour.​It works best with children under the age of 6.Required Materials:  Some Color […]

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ESP an unbelievably easy guessing game you can use in your EFL classroom.

ESP Thumb site - Easy ESL Games

ESP is one of my all time favorite games. It’s a great guessing game that lets you review a ton of vocabulary and any target language at the same time. To win this game your students must “read your mind” and guess which vocabulary card you’re thinking about. The Details About ESP:​ESP is meant to […]

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Teaching students how to read has never been easier. Download our LEEP Cards now and and see how easy ESL teaching can be!

LEEP CARDS b‘s LEEP (Learn Easy ESL Phonics) Cards are fun, effective and FREE way to teach phonics to any student that is just learning to read. These can be used by anyone from teachers, to parents of kids of new readers and even as a tool to help struggling learners. For best results we suggest combining […]

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2-1-0 is an easy way to teach a lot of vocabulary items very quickly.

ESL Game #009 - 2 1 0

The 2-1-0 Method for teaching new vocabulary is in my experience the easiest and fastest way for students to learn and retain new vocabulary in ESL classes.     The Details: The 2-1-0 method for teaching new vocabulary is an ESL technique that works best with young learners (4-12). I always use 7 cards at […]

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