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Mustache Smash – A great game for Reading, Listening & Speaking

Mustache Smash - A great game for Reading, Listening & Speaking - Easy ESL Games site thumb

Mustache Smash is an absolutely awesome way to practice Reading, Listening & Speaking in your ESL or EFL classroom.   It’s very similar to the classic game Hammers , however Mustache Smash requires a little more space  and a timer.  In  case you haven’t noticed, we love using timers in our games.  A timer instantly […]

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How to have an alphabet board game with LEEP Racemats


This alphabet board game is a great way to make learning to read phonetically a little more fun for teachers and students a like.  This is one of many ways we use our LEEP Racemats but as you can see in the video, not only do I play this game with students, I’ve also used […]

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How To Use LEEP Placemats To Teach Children To Read

Easy ESL Games - LEEP Placemats | site Thumb

When our students are just beginning to learn how to read we like to introduce the letters of the alphabet using a LEEP  Placemat.  The LEEP Alphabet placemats are a really effective tool for easing children int reading and building up a sense of familiarization with each letter. Two of the most important aspects of reading […]

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3 Card Hold’em is an easy vocabulary review you can use directly after teaching new words.

3 Card Hold’em is a fun and easy way to get your class using newly learned vocabulary and target language right away! It’s extremely simple to use and 3 Card Hold’em is guaranteed to be fun for your whole ESL/EFL class. The Details About 3 Card Hold’em:3 card hold’em is vocabulary review.The only materials required are […]

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How to use the song Red Ball to teach colours in your EFL classroom!


This classroom game works great as a warm up activity or a vocabulary review.  It’s adaptable,  it gets your students moving and it’s as much fun as a bucket of coloured balls. The Details About Red Ball:​This song is used to teach colour.​It works best with children under the age of 6.Required Materials:  Some Color […]

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ESP an unbelievably easy guessing game you can use in your EFL classroom.

ESP Thumb site - Easy ESL Games

ESP is one of my all time favorite games. It’s a great guessing game that lets you review a ton of vocabulary and any target language at the same time. To win this game your students must “read your mind” and guess which vocabulary card you’re thinking about. The Details About ESP:​ESP is meant to […]

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2-1-0 is an easy way to teach a lot of vocabulary items very quickly.

ESL Game #009 - 2 1 0

The 2-1-0 Method for teaching new vocabulary is in my experience the easiest and fastest way for students to learn and retain new vocabulary in ESL classes.     The Details: The 2-1-0 method for teaching new vocabulary is an ESL technique that works best with young learners (4-12). I always use 7 cards at […]

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How to play What’s in the Bag? aka the Mystery Bag.

What's in the bag?

This Super Simple game submission comes from Lawrence.  Lawrence is originally from Los Angeles, and has been teaching kids in Japan for 10 years.  Last year, he opened a school named is American English School in Tarui, Gifu prefecture.  This game is called What’s in the Bag? The Details About What’s in the Bag?:​It’s a […]

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Classroom Language Cards are an amazing resource that will get your youngest learners communicating quickly.

classroom Language cards - Easy ESL Games

By combining a word or phrase with an action, students will internalize and understand the word or phrase much easier than if they tried to learn the word through root memorization.

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Hammers is a great Comprehension Check you can use in low level ESL classes and demo lessons.

Easy ESL Games -Hammers - Thumb

Hammers is a great comprehension check for beginner ESL students and it’s just about the easiest game around. Often times when teaching really young children they’re absorbing information but reluctant to speak. This game has never failed to demonstrate what a child has learned.The Details About Hammers:​The only materials required to play this game are […]

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What’s in the box? An ESL game that helps practice adjectives and sentence building.

What's in the box teaches sentence building

Once your ESL students (young learners) have mastered some English vocabulary, it’s take their abilities to the next level.  Sentence building.  What’s In The Box is an easy ESL game that can help your youngest learners make that important step.   The Details : Students should be between the ages of 3 and 5 years […]

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Simple Questions is a great ESL game that focuses on questioning.

ESL-GAMES-62-simple questions-main-300x300 2

ESL Games don’t always have to be complicated.  Simple Questions is an easy warm up activity that gets your younger students engaged and using English right away.   The language targets are simple questions using adjectives and nouns. E.g.”Is it a dolphin?”, Is it big?” The Details: This game is great for a class of […]

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