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Mustache Smash – A great game for Reading, Listening & Speaking

Mustache Smash - A great game for Reading, Listening & Speaking - Easy ESL Games site thumb

Mustache Smash is an absolutely awesome way to practice Reading, Listening & Speaking in your ESL or EFL classroom.   It’s very similar to the classic game Hammers , however Mustache Smash requires a little more space  and a timer.  In  case you haven’t noticed, we love using timers in our games.  A timer instantly […]

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How to have an alphabet board game with LEEP Racemats


This alphabet board game is a great way to make learning to read phonetically a little more fun for teachers and students a like.  This is one of many ways we use our LEEP Racemats but as you can see in the video, not only do I play this game with students, I’ve also used […]

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How To Use LEEP Placemats To Teach Children To Read

Easy ESL Games - LEEP Placemats | site Thumb

When our students are just beginning to learn how to read we like to introduce the letters of the alphabet using a LEEP  Placemat.  The LEEP Alphabet placemats are a really effective tool for easing children int reading and building up a sense of familiarization with each letter. Two of the most important aspects of reading […]

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Teaching students how to read has never been easier. Download our LEEP Cards now and and see how easy ESL teaching can be!

LEEP CARDS b‘s LEEP (Learn Easy ESL Phonics) Cards are fun, effective and FREE way to teach phonics to any student that is just learning to read. These can be used by anyone from teachers, to parents of kids of new readers and even as a tool to help struggling learners. For best results we suggest combining […]

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An Alphabet Jumble is a great way to ease your class into learning.

Alphabet Jumble - Easy ESL Games

This ESL game is perfect for those days when you can just tell it’s going to take your ESL / EFL class a little longer than normal to get to an ideal level of engagement. Rather than forcing the matter, I’ve discovered that an Alphabet Jumble is a great way to ease your class into […]

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How to teach basic prepositions with Preposition Cards by Easy ESL Games


We created these Preposition Cards as a fun and exciting way to let students learn and reinforce 7 basic prepositions without a lot of teacher oversight or instruction.​Here are the details about Preposition Cards:A game lasts between 5 and 10 minutes and is perfect for beginner lessons.Students must know how to read the English language […]

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Battleship is a great ESL game for practicing “Do you like?” questions.

Battleship - Easy ESL Games

​Classroom games are often based games we all played as kids and then adapted to ESL / EFL learning by adding a language target.This technique almost always works because you know the game is fun before testing it with a room or students. As an added bonus most of the time students will instinctively know the rules as […]

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Phonic Bingo helps your youngest ESL students learn how to read!

Phonic Bingo Easy ESL Games - thumb

This ESL Game is just like regular bingo but we’ve added some language learning.  More specifically we’re going to combine Easy ESL Games’ LEEP Cards and the game Bingo to teach our younger students how to read. Phonic Bingo is a game your students will want to play again and again. Here are the Details about […]

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Watermelon Race is a perfect ESL game for teaching students how to talk their way around difficult or unknown vocabulary.

Watermelon Race - Easy ESl Games thumb

One of the best ways to come up new ESL games is to combine two or more classroom favorites that your students already love playing. Watermelon Race was created by combining the games Watermelon and Relay Race. This game is an amazing way to practice circumlocution (talking around unknown vocabulary) and speaking (working in teams […]

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Classroom Language Cards are an amazing resource that will get your youngest learners communicating quickly.

classroom Language cards - Easy ESL Games

By combining a word or phrase with an action, students will internalize and understand the word or phrase much easier than if they tried to learn the word through root memorization.

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Hammers is a great Comprehension Check you can use in low level ESL classes and demo lessons.

Easy ESL Games -Hammers - Thumb

Hammers is a great comprehension check for beginner ESL students and it’s just about the easiest game around. Often times when teaching really young children they’re absorbing information but reluctant to speak. This game has never failed to demonstrate what a child has learned.The Details About Hammers:​The only materials required to play this game are […]

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How to Make a Halloween Mini Book and some other Halloween goodies.

Halloween Resource Pack - Easy ESL Games

With Halloween quickly approaching most teachers are on a mad dash to prepare their holiday related lesson plans. We’re hoping to make it a bit easier for you by giving you a few of our favorite Halloween classroom activities.​​Make it yourself Halloween Mini Book:This activity is really easy, fun and adaptable. All you have to […]

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