Classroom Games for Babies

Simple Questions is a great ESL game that focuses on questioning.
ESL Games don't always have to be complicated.  Simple Questions is an easy warm up activity that gets your younger[...]
A Parachute is a must for every kids ESL classroom!
Parachutes are a ton of fun in any ESL lesson. They can be amazing tools for teaching a variety of[...]
ESL Game #046 – L-L-Laundry
ESL Games designed for babies have to be extremely simple.  L-L-Laundry is one of the simplest games I've seen. The[...]
ESL Game #045-Where is it?
ESL Games that you can use in every class are hard to find.  That's what makes Where is it? a[...]
ESL Game #043 – Slow Draw
Slow draw is a staple in most ESL / EFL teacher's resource folder.  It's fun, engaging and best of all[...]
ESL Game #043 – Little Hints
Little Hints is an ESL guessing game that helps you introduce, use and review vocabulary while using soft correction to[...]
ESL Game #027 – Alphaballs
First and foremost, admittedly, Alhpaballs is a ridiculous name for an ESL game.  However it's pretty descriptive.  This is a[...]
ESL Game #021 – The Singing Potato
The singing potato is guaranteed fun for any ESL / EFL class.  No questions asked!  It has a randomized timer[...]
Easy ESL Games Baby Resource #001 – Super Simple Songs
As an ESL teacher one of the biggest challenges I faced as a new teacher was baby classes.  I couldn't[...]
ESL Game #012 – Charades
Charades is a Classic ESL / EFL game.  It's a fun and easy way to teach and reinforce vocabulary.  Playing[...]
ESL GAME #004 – Feely Bag – What’s missing?
Using a feely bag is a great way to get your classes imaginations working. Materials: All you need is a[...]