ESL Game #014 – Green AGO (Intermediate Version)

Easy ESL Games #013 – Blue AGO (Easy Version)

As an ESL teacher you are continuously looking for ways to minimize your talking time while increasing your student’s.  The best way to do this is through ESL games.  In my experience there is no better way to get students involved and keep them interested than with AGO.

Green AGO is a game that asks intermediate level ESL questions.  There are future, present and past tenses used in the questions as well as prepositions, transportation and superlatives which can all get pretty difficult for younger players but with a base answer provided at the bottom of each card your students should always be able to figure out the correct answers.

ESL Game #014 – Green AGO (Intermediate Version)

ESL Game #014 – Green AGO (Intermediate Version)

AGO is a game based on the game UNO.  There are 4 different colors (suits) of cards numbered 1-9 and each color has special cards e.g. pick up cards, jump a player as well as change directions.

Each number corresponds to a type of question,  8= past, 9 = future, etc.

To play, you deal 7 cards to each player.  I will typically turn the first card over from the draw pile and the student that answers the quickest goes first.  You can either follow the suit or number in the game of AGO.

Multiple cards with the same number are allowed on the same play.  The student that plays the card asks the question on the card to the student whose turn is after theirs.  The second student answers and then in turn asks the next student a question when they play their card.

If you don’t have the right number or color you pick up a card.

This process continues until one player has no more cards.  It’s important to remember that when a player has one card left they MUST say “AGO”.  If they forget and another student notices the forgetful player must pick up 2 addition cards.

This ESL game is FUN!  It works great as an ice breaker or as a way to finish of your lesson with a little bit of fun and competition.  The best thing about AGO is that the possibilities are limitless.  There are countless ways to play and keep the game fresh.

If you would like to purchase AGO you can buy it on or directly from their website.