ESL Game #049 – How Many Questions?

How Many Questions? is a great warm up activity that gets any High School or lower level Adult class started off right.



The only materials you’ll need to play How Many Questions? are a wooden cube and a timer.  I took this wooden out of a set of blocks that we had at my school.  You’ll need to write each of the 6, “W” question words on a different side of the cube before playing:  Who, What, When, Where, Why and Which. 

How to play:

  1. Show your students each side of the question die.  Ask them to tell you what each word means in their native language.  This is a real easy way to make sure they are confident with the vocabulary before playing.
  2. Ask you students for an example sentence for each of the 6 “W” question words.  E.g. “Where do you live?”, “What is your favorite food?”, etc.
  3. Divide your EFL class into pairs.
  4. Tell your students that the object of the game is to ask and answer as many questions that correspond to the side of the question die that’s rolled within the given time limit as possible.  E.g. if the die is rolled and the word “Where” is facing up your students have to ask and answer as many “Where” questions as they can within the time limit.
  5. Set the timer (I find one minute works best).
  6. Roll the die.
  7. Ask and answer as many questions as possible within the given time.
  8. Tally the points.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 as you see fit.

I usually stop a game well before it’s no longer fun.  If you finish a game while it’s still at it’s peak excitement it makes it very easy to return to that game in the future.  If you let a game go on too long your class will quickly lose enthusiasm for it in the future.



Do you have any other ways to use dice in your EFF / ESL classroom games?  We’d love to hear any and all of your great Easy ESL Game ideas.


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