ESL Game #050 – Language Sprint

I love high intensity ESL Games.  They are fun, fast and frenetic.  A Language Sprint is an excellent way to repetitively practice any target language without getting bored.


The only materials you’ll need are a timer a way of tallying points: pen and paper, white board, counting, etc.All you have to do is pick a language target and set a timer for one minute.

How to:

  1. Divide your class into pairs.ESL Game #50
  2. The goal in to use the target language as many times as possible within a minute.  In this example we’re using the language target “If it’s rainy we can play in the rain“.
  3. Have one partner use the language target as many times as possible within a minute without repeating the variable.  The variable in this example is “play in the rain.”
  4. The other partner simply has to tally points and make sure there’s no repetition.
  5. When the timer sounds. Tally the points.
  6. Have the partners switch roles and repeat steps 3-5.ESL Game #050
  7. Combine both totals and the pair with the highest combined total is the winner.
  8. To make the game more difficult you can add a negative to the target language.  E.g.If it’s raining we can’t have a picnic”.