ESL Game #73 – The Alligator’s Christmas Bingo

It seems like season after season, year after year, Bingo is just one of those games that stays in my rotation of games.  It’s easy, effective for teaching and reinforcing vocabulary, plus almost every student likes it.  However, if you ever find yourself using Bingo in a small class or worse yet a man-to-man lesson you might start searching for ways to add excitement.  For these types of scenarios I offer you: The Alligator’s Christmas Bingo.

The Details:

  • This ESL game will work with students from about the age of 5 and up.  Any younger and the alligator can be too scary.
  • To play this game you’ll  need an alligator, some game chips (place markers) and  a set of Christmas Bingo cards.  This is a link to Maple Leaf Learning’s Christmas Bingo set.  I can’t recommend their materials enough.  They’re simple, silly and fun!
  • A game of The Alligator’s Christmas Bingo can last between 10 and 20 minutes depending on class size and how scary your ESL learners find alligators.

ESL GAmes 72 - Christmas Bingo 1

The Christmas set provided by Maple Leaf Learning is a blank card that lets students cut, paste and glue pictures onto their grids at random.  In the pictures below we’ve completed and laminated a set.  You lose the “arts and crafts” learning possibilities this way but it makes it much faster and you save a lot of paper in the long run too.  Either way works!


How To:

  1. Give each player a Bingo Card.ESL GAmes 72 - Christmas Bingo 2
  2. Shuffle the draw pile.
  3. Put the draw pile into the alligator’s mouth.
  4. Before a player draws a card the must press one of the alligator’s teeth.  If the tooth goes down, the student can draw the card.  They must use their Christmas vocabulary to say what is on the card. ESL GAmes 72 - Christmas Bingo 4 If they have corresponding square on their card they can put a place marker on top of it.  If the alligator snaps down when the player pushes it’s tooth they miss their turn.
  5. It’s important to note that only the student that pushes the tooth gets to cover the square on their card.  Otherwise the miss-a-turn penalty doesn’t work.
  6. If the entire draw pile is used before an ESL student can make a row, shuffle the cards and keep playing.
  7. The first player to make a row on thier Christmas Bingo card wins!



This Game was submitted by Steve from Little Sheep English –  明石市との境、神戸市西区にあるこども英語教室リトルシープ イングリッシュ.