Our Favorite Classroom Games

This is a collection of a few of our favorite games.  Each one is designed to be easy to play and most do not require many materials.

How to teach body related vocabulary with the “Duck Game”.
This classroom game comes to us from Nicole P. Nicole is a very active member of the Easy ESL Games[...]
How To Use Pictionary In Your EFL Classroom
This is a really fun game that sure to be a hit. You might know it as Pictionary, or Listen[...]
How to use the song Red Ball to teach colours in your EFL classroom!
This classroom game works great as a warm up activity or a vocabulary review.  It's adaptable,  it gets your students[...]
How to use Alien Tag to practice spelling in your EFL classroom.
This classroom game comes from Nelis.  Nelis is an English teacher born and raised in South Africa that has been living[...]
How to teach food related vocabulary using the ESL game Fruit Salad.
This Super Simple Game Submission come from Gosia.   It’s called Fruit Salad.Materials Required:​A minimum of 6 students.A minimum of[...]
Keep students guessing by playing Whats Under The Blanket in your ESL classroom.
This Super Simple contest entry comes from Debbie.   Debbie is a mother of two teens that works at a[...]
How to play What’s in the Bag? aka the Mystery Bag.
This Super Simple game submission comes from Lawrence.  Lawrence is originally from Los Angeles, and has been teaching kids in[...]
How to Play Marco Polo in Your EFL Classroom.
This Super Simple game submission comes from David Dial an English teacher from Vallejo CA. David has been living and[...]
How to Play The Vocabulary Swat Game
This Super Simple Game Submission comes to us from Christine M.  It’s a classroom classic that kids can’t get enough[...]
How to Play the Monster Game in your EFL Classroom.
This Super Simple Game submission comes from Olga. Olga is originally from Spain but has travelled through Europe and is[...]
Routines is a great ESL Game that pushes your memory to the limit.
Routines is a simple ESL game that requires almost no set up and is an extremely effective way to teach phrasal[...]