High School ESL Games

Teach the past tense with Fortunately / Unfortunately.
Fortunately/Unfortunately is an awesome ESL game for teaching the simple past tense.  It requires listening, speaking and a lot of creativity. The Details: There[...]
How To Review Any Target Language With The Game – Rapid Question and Answer
One of the hardest things about teaching EFL classes is finding ways to make language drilling and repetition fun.  This[...]
Listen and Draw is a great comprehension check for any lesson about prepositions.
This Game is one of the first games I ever used in class.  It builds on one of our first[...]
3 Card Hold’em is an easy vocabulary review you can use directly after teaching new words.
3 Card Hold'em is a fun and easy way to get your class using newly learned vocabulary and target language[...]
2-1-0 is an easy way to teach a lot of vocabulary items very quickly.
The 2-1-0 Method for teaching new vocabulary is in my experience the easiest and fastest way for students to learn[...]
Routines is a great ESL Game that pushes your memory to the limit.
Routines is a simple ESL game that requires almost no set up and is an extremely effective way to teach phrasal[...]
An Alphabet Jumble is a great way to ease your class into learning.
This ESL game is perfect for those days when you can just tell it’s going to take your ESL /[...]
ESL Game #049 – How Many Questions?
How Many Questions? is a great warm up activity that gets any High School or lower level Adult class started[...]
Read My Lips – a pronunciation game without any speaking.
This game forces students to REALLY focus on their pronunciation.  Actually to be more specific students have to concentrate on[...]
Watermelon Race is a perfect ESL game for teaching students how to talk their way around difficult or unknown vocabulary.
One of the best ways to come up new ESL games is to combine two or more classroom favorites that[...]
Concentration is a classic ESL game that requires students to find pairs of lesson related vocabulary cards.
Concentration is a classic ESL game. It's extremely simple and all you need is two identical sets of vocabulary cards.[...]
Super Tic-Tac-Toe will work in any high school or low level adult ESL lesson.
Super Tic Tac Toe is a great ESL/EFL game when it's used together with an A - Z Race as[...]
Practice using the past tense with Mystery Bag Story Time, our ESL twist on a story chain.
Mystery Bag Story time is a  great ESL game to use in your high school or adult classes.  This story[...]
Using the game Tic Tac Toe Hangman is an easy way to teach American vs British English in your ESL classroom.
One technique I love to use when using games in my ESL classes is combining two or more of the[...]
Dictation is just about the easiest ESL game you’re ever going to play.
The majority of ESL games focus on one particular element of language learning: reading, speaking, writing, listening, etc.  Dictation is[...]
ESL Games Adult Resource #013 – Hamas Capture Israeli Spy Dolphin
Easy ESL Games has recently partnered with Premier ESL in an effort to bring you the most comprehensive and entertaining[...]