The Super Memory Game

The Super Memory Game - Easy ESL Games

This Easy ESL Game comes from Hans. An English School Owner living between Tokyo and Yokohama In Sagamihara Japan. Hans says, he love teaching with Games because they take away the fear of failure and stimulate students to repeat and repeat and to try and try WITHOUT getting bored of frustrated.

This game is take on concentration he calls the SUPER memory game. It’s a great way to practice a ton of language in a variety of ways.

The Details About The Super Memory Game:

    • This game is great for 2 or more players and works excellent in 1 on 1 lessons.
    • Materials needed: A total of between 12 and 20 pairs of flashcards
    • A game should take between 5~30 minutes depending on the class size and level.


In this game players take turns trying to find pairs of vocabulary cards while using the vocabulary item on the card in a full sentence. You can find a link to an in-depth video in the description.

In this example we are teaching time related verb clauses  as our topic. With language expansion being the main focus of the lesson.

Here's How To Play Game

1. ​Spread the cards face down on the table/desk.

2. Get 6 to 10 pairs of flash cards (any type will do: food, verbs, things).

3. Player 1 turns over 1 card and uses the target language.

4. Player 1 turns over a 2nd card and uses the target language for the 2nd card (target language for the 2nd card depends on whether it's a match or not.

5. If it's a match, the player gets to keep the cards. If it's not a match, player1 turns over the cards (face down)and it becomes the next player's turn.

5. The game continues until all cards are gone.​

You can find more information about how to play The Super Memory Game here!​

The Super Memory Game:

  • It's a really easy way to focus on expansion.
  • You can practice a lot of different language points at the same time.
  • It's even fun for the teacher!