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Thanks!  As promised we both versions of our LEEP Letters available for you to download.  After downloading make sure you scroll down. We have some other games and  resources to help you get started with LEEP.

The files included here are .zip files.  To open them on a smartphone you will need to install a .zip extractor application.  We have also emailed you a .pdf file link that you can access on the go.

Phonic Bingo Easy ESL Games - thumb  Phonic Bingo is one of our BEST phonic related games. Just download YOUR set of Bingo Cards, Print them and get ready to have a good time.

Easy ESL Games -Hammers - Thumb  Hammers is just about the easiest game we have that uses LEEP Cards. All you need to do is put the cards a table, board or floor and say one of the hint words. Follow this link for more indepth instructions.

Easy ESL Games - What's missing?  There is NO game I’ve used more in my own ESL classes than What’s Missing?. It’s fun, It’s simple and it’s something you can use every class.

ABC Song with Alphabet Sounds - Easy ESL Games  The ABC Song with Alphabet Sounds is one of the best activities we have. By combining Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic teaching methods THis song will help your students internalize each letter’s phonetic pronunciation quicker than you ever dreamed possible.

LEEP Teachers Pack - optimized 2
 Want to get even more out of LEEP?  You can download our Premium Teacher's Pack of LEEP Letters here.  The Teacher's pack includes 8 different versions of out LEEP Letters.  

Learn to read with LEEP Letters - Explanation Pic-min

Thank you from all of us at Easy ESL Games. We know that you’ll LOVE these games and resources as much as we do. If you have any questions, comments or requests please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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