Easy ESL Games help language teachers make learning fun with Classroom Games, Resources & Songs!

Classroom Resource Shop

Classroom games make language learning fun. And when a lesson is fun, children are WAY more likely to stay engaged and actually learn the language targets you are trying to teach. Our shop has a ton of classroom-related toys, supplies and really just about anything you need to work with kids. Give the Shop a look, sometimes simple supplies can make between knocking a lesson out of the park and having it fail miserably. At least it has been in our lessons.

Classroom Games

We've all had ESL games that have "flopped", it's not fun for students or teachers. That's why we make sure that each ESL Game has a clearly stated objective, information about materials required and easy to follow instructions.  

Looking for ESL games and ideas? Check out all of our Easy ESL Game videos on YouTube!

Classroom Songs

If you're looking for catchy ESL songs that have been created for classroom use, look no further. These songs are easy to use, they teach a variety of language targets and most of these Easy Kids Songs have accompanying videos & downloadable resources.