About Us

Our Goal

We want to give our fellow English Language Teachers great Classroom Ideas they can learn in 3 minutes or less and then use for years to come!

Our Philosophy

Great ESL games create a need for students to speak . By making classroom games that are as much fun as possible children will want to participate. That means your students will want to practice their English in order to play. If you like any of the content on Easy ESL Games, please let use know by leaving a comment or contacting us.

Who we are

We are Steve and Kevin (aka red shirt & blue shirt), two EFL teachers that met while living in the suburbs of Kobe, Japan.  We started this site as a way of teaching new teachers a few quick, can't miss, classroom games.  Recently,  we've added some songs and printable resources all of which are designed to make teaching English easy and effective for teachers and students a like.