By Kevin Fabris

July 7, 2016

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This game is just like the older Easy ESL Game Hieroglyphics except we kicked it up a notch.  You guessed it, we added blindfolds.

The Details About Blindfolded Hieroglyphics:

  • This game is for ESL / EFL students 5 and up.
  • Each game should last between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the size of your class.
  • This game works best when teaching very simple topics like nouns (foods, places, people, etc), adjectives (size, emotions, etc) and  verbs (actions, sports, etc).

The only Materials you’ll need are:

  1. A whiteboard
  2. Some markers ( one per team).
  3. A few blindfolds (one per team).
  4. A list of topics.  If you don’t want to make up your topics, I’ve put together a sample list you can download here.  [sdm_download id=”3234″ fancy=”0″]

How to  play Blindfolded Hieroglyphics:

  1. Write a list of words and short phrases on a piece of paper.  Here’s one we created if you want to save a little time.  [sdm_download id=”3234″ fancy=”0″]
  2. Cut the paper so that each word or phrase is on a separate piece of paper.
  3. Turn the pieces upside down to ensure the cards can be selected at random.
  4. Divide your class into teams.  I like to keep the teams to a maximum of around 5 people, any larger and it gets easier for students to get lost in the shuffle.  A general rule of thumb for group work is that smaller groups mean students have to participate more.
  5. Have one player from each team come to the whiteboard at the front of the class.
  6. Have each player select a piece of paper from the upside down subject pile.
  7. Give each player a marker and ask them put on their blindfolds.
    Here are a few of the blindfolded pics we drew in class. I’m partial to the Sad Elephant in the top left corner.

    When you say go, the players must attempt to draw the word or phrase from their subject cards while blindfolded.  The blindfold not only adds excitement it also means everyone playing has to concentrate much harder.
  8. Whichever team guesses the correct answer first wins!  But remember this is an English activity, be harsh on grammar and word order!
  9. Repeat until each player gets a chance to draw.
  10. Whoever finishes with the most points wins.

Have a blast using Blindfolded Hieroglyphics in your classes.  We know you’ll love it just as much as we do!

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