Classroom Games for Babies

ESL Games and Activities for Babies & Toddlers

Mustache Smash – A great game for Reading, Listening & Speaking
Mustache Smash is an absolutely awesome way to practice Reading, Listening & Speaking in your ESL or EFL classroom. It's[...]
How to have an alphabet board game with LEEP Racemats
This alphabet board game is a great way to make learning to read phonetically a little more fun for teachers[...]
How To Use LEEP Placemats To Teach Children To Read
Free Printable Placemats For Teaching Kids How To read - Easy ESL GamesWhen our students are just beginning to learn[...]
3 Card Hold’em is an easy vocabulary review you can use directly after teaching new words.
How To Teach Vocabulary Using Playing Cards - Easy ESL Games3 Card Hold'em is a fun and easy way to[...]
How to use the song Red Ball to teach colours in your EFL classroom!
How To Teach Colors To Young Kids Using Songs - Easy ESL GamesThis classroom game works great as a warm[...]
2-1-0 is an easy way to teach a lot of vocabulary items very quickly.
How To Teach New Words To ESL Students Quickly - The 2-1-0 MethodThe 2-1-0 Method for teaching new vocabulary is[...]
How to play What’s in the Bag? aka the Mystery Bag.
How To Practice Questions Using The Game What's In The Bag? - Easy ESL GamesThis Super Simple game submission comes[...]
Classroom Language Cards are an amazing resource that will get your youngest learners communicating quickly.
By combining a word or phrase with an action, students will internalize and understand the word or phrase much easier than if they tried to learn the word through root memorization.
Hammers is a great Comprehension Check you can use in low level ESL classes and demo lessons.
Hammers is a great comprehension check for beginner ESL students and it’s just about the easiest game around. Often times[...]
What's in the box? An ESL game that helps practice adjectives and sentence building.
Once your ESL students (young learners) have mastered some English vocabulary, it’s take their abilities to the next level.  Sentence[...]
Simple Questions is a great ESL game that focuses on questioning.
ESL Games don't always have to be complicated.  Simple Questions is an easy warm up activity that gets your younger[...]
Shark Race is a simple way to check your student’s phonetic reading ability.
ESL Games can be difficult to use when you are trying to gauge the ability of new students. A Shark[...]
A Parachute is a must for every kids ESL classroom!
Parachutes are a ton of fun in any ESL lesson. They can be amazing tools for teaching a variety of[...]
ESL Game #046 – L-L-Laundry
ESL Games designed for babies have to be extremely simple.  L-L-Laundry is one of the simplest games I've seen. The[...]
ESL Game #045-Where is it?
ESL Games that you can use in every class are hard to find.  That's what makes Where is it? a[...]
ESL Game #043 – Slow Draw
Slow draw is a staple in most ESL / EFL teacher's resource folder.  It's fun, engaging and best of all[...]
ESL Game #043 – Little Hints
Little Hints is an ESL guessing game that helps you introduce, use and review vocabulary while using soft correction to[...]
ESL Game #027 – Alphaballs
First and foremost, admittedly, Alhpaballs is a ridiculous name for an ESL game.  However it's pretty descriptive.  This is a[...]
ESL Game #021 – The Singing Potato
The singing potato is guaranteed fun for any ESL / EFL class.  No questions asked!  It has a randomized timer[...]
Easy ESL Games Baby Resource #001 – Super Simple Songs
As an ESL teacher one of the biggest challenges I faced as a new teacher was baby classes.  I couldn't[...]
How To Teach Verbs & Nouns | Charades | Easy ESL Games
Charades is a Classic ESL / EFL game.  It’s a fun and easy way to teach and reinforce vocabulary.  Playing is[...]
ESL GAME #004 – Feely Bag – What's missing?
Using a feely bag is a great way to get your classes imaginations working. Materials: All you need is a[...]