ABC Song with Alphabet Sounds has all the correct phonetic sounds of the alphabet sandwiched between 2 funky alphabet verses. It's ideal for starting to read English with native pronunciation. The Alphabet art is from our LEEP (Learn Easy English Phonics) reading system you can download here for free.

Classroom Language Cards - Free Pack - Easy ESL Games

13 original classroom language cards specially designed for ESL/EFL or kindergarten classes. They are perfect for circle time at the start of class to get everyone, even shy student talking. Pdf can be printed full size (A3 or A4) or multiples on the same page for smaller cards. Use them for games, class decoration or just run through them at the start of class

This pack contains all 26 upper and lowercase letters in full color A4 (or however you want to print them) Flashcards. The teacher's pack (click the link above) also includes a word and gesture. The teacher's pack also has black and white versions, real letter versions, and blue versions to act as a halfway between the LEEP image and the letter.

This is a FREE set of 12 Bingo cards and calling card sheet that feature our LEEP (Learn Easy English Phonics) cards, though they can be used with any phonic system. They are full color A4 sized but can be printed US letter size with no loss in quality.

All our printable resources are currently available on our TeachersPayTeachers store!

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