ESL Songs For The Classroom - Easy Kids Songs Vol.1 

ABC Song with Alphabet Sounds has all the correct phonetic sounds of the alphabet sandwiched between 2 funky alphabet verses. It's ideal for starting to read English with native pronunciation. The Alphabet art is from our LEEP (Learn Easy English Phonics) reading system you can download here for free.

Tidy Up is an Easy Kids Song we use in class or at home as part of our 2 minute tidy up. We put on the song, start a 2 minute timer and turn cleaning up into a game.

Hello Everyone is an easy kids song perfect for starting baby, toddler and young kids English classes. It's easy to learn and really fun. This video shows the recommended gestures to use but any way is OK. There are also karaoke and goodbye versions to watch or download.

This one's called the ABC Phonic Song. It's another take on the alphabet song except this version only uses phonemes (phonic sounds).

Make sure to download a set of LEEP Letters (the stylized letters in the video) and help your youngest learners learn to read.

Santa's Beard is a song created for Christmas lessons. It has a catchy tune and uses funny visuals to teach adjectives.

If your a language teacher make sure to download the complementary flashcards below so that use can use Santa's Beard in your holiday lessons. 

Santa's Hat is a song created for holiday lessons. Santa's Hat is an Easy Kids Song about Christmas.

If you're a teacher, you can also use this song to teach colours and comparisons.  Make sure to download the Santa's Hat flashcards below.

Do You Like Juice? is a great song for teaching the target language, Do you like _____? Yes, I do. / No, I don't.  

We love this song because it's silly.  We know your kids will love it too.

Red Ball is a song we use to teach colours in our baby and young learner classes.  The song works best if you combine it with a bucket of coloured balls and a few colour related vocabulary cards.  Click the link below for full instructions on how to use the Easy Kids Song Red Ball in your EFL classroom.

Everybody Freeze is a classroom song we made to help us teach verbs. To use it in class all you have to do is play the song and follow the instructions.

Everybody Freeze is also a classroom game. When the song says "Freeze" anyone caught moving has to stop playing. The object is to make it all the way to the end of the song.

I Saw a Ghost is a playful Halloween song made for children's classes.  It teaches a variety of different Halloween costumes and more importantly it's a ton of fun.

How's the Weather? is an Easy Kids Song that teaches children about the weather.  For  EFL and ESL teachers this song makes teaching weather related language targets really easy.

The slower version of How's the Weather? is made for younger learners.  For children not quite old enough for school.  We find it's really important to slow down the music.

Repetition is an important part of learning how to count. We wrote the song 1 -20 (The Counting Song) so that it not only repeats it also adds excitement by getting quicker every verse.  

No More Jumping on the Bed is an Easy Kids Song we created to help us teach family related EFL lessons.  It's easy to learn and the video is funny.  We know your kids will love it as much as ours do.

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We made the Easy Kids Songs album with ESL and EFL teachers in mind. The songs are designed to be simple to use in class, use teachable grammar points and above all be "catchy".

We've seen it time and again.  When a child leaves a classroom singing their lesson's songs, they've internalized the language.  Students are then enabled learners free to seek out ways to use "their" new English vocabulary.

Great kid songs make learning Easy!  These Easy Kid Songs also make it fun!