By Kevin Fabris

January 7, 2015

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What’s Missing? is a fun and easy ESL game that helps to teach and reinforce new vocabulary in your ESL /EFL classroom.

To set the game up properly you should start by introducing your ESL / EFL  lessons target vocabulary using the 2-1-0 method for learning flash cards quickly.

The Details:

  • What’s Missing? is an ESL game that works best with young learners however it can easily be adapted for more advanced students by simply adding and taking away more flashcards.
  • The only materials required are a set of teacher sized flashcards and some magnets.  With smaller classes relia works just as well if not better.
  • A game of What’s Missing should take between 5 and 10 minutes including set-up (2-1-0).

How to play What’s Missing?:

  1. Start by choosing 7 vocabulary flashcards.
  2. Cycle through them using the 2-1-0 method for teaching vocabulary quickly.
  3. Put all of the cards on the blackboard using magnets.
  4. Review the 7 vocabulary items once more.
  5. Take the cards off the blackboard and remove 1.
  6. Put the 6 remaining cards back onto the board.
  7. Ask the class…”What’s Missing?“
  8. Repeat steps 5 – 7 while changing the cards you’ve removed from the original 7 vocabulary cards.  Make a point of taking out an increasingly large number of cards.

This is a great quick game that require your ESL / EFL students to participate and think about newly learned language vocabulary.


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