ESL GAME #004 – Feely Bag – What's missing?

Using a feely bag is a great way to get your classes imaginations working.


All you need is a non-see-through bag and some lesson materials.   For this example I’ve filled the bag with classroom items that correspond with the “I have/I don’t have” unit I’m teaching at my school.  For this example I’ve filled the bag with a giant pencil and pen, a marker, some child safe scissors, a stapler and some glue.

How to:

1)  Start by filling up the feely bag with real life examples of the vocabulary you’ll be teaching.
2)  Hold the bag up  and ask your class, “what’s inside the bag’?
3)  Usually this creates a lot of opportunity to start using the target language.  If a student responds with “it’s a dragon”.  You can    use the target language in your reply ex, “I don’t have a dragon”.
4)  Make sure the bag is sealed tight and then pass it around your class letting the students feel everything inside the bag as  they  continue to guess.
5)  Move one item to the front of the bag and pull the feely bag tightly around the outside of it.    With only one item highlighted  you have another opportunity to solicit guesses and use the target language.
6)  Take the item out of the feely bag.
7)  Repeat until the feely bag is empty.
feely bag
8)  Once the contents of the bag have been emptied and each item has been discussed ex, “do you have a pencil’?  “Do you have a giant pencil”?  Play a game of What’s missing?
9)  Have all of the students cover their eyes and take away one item.
10) Ask ,”Whats Missing”?   Make sure the class is using the target language ex, “Do you have a marker’?
11) Repeat and gradually start taking away more than one item at a item.
12)  Let the students take turns being the teacher.  Eventually, work your way to the point where you remove all of the items.  If the students can correctly use tell you all of the vocabulary items while using the target language ,the combination of the feely bag and What’s Missing have been a success.