By Kevin Fabris

November 17, 2016

This Super Simple Game submission comes from Olga. Olga is originally from Spain but has travelled through Europe and is currently teaching kids classes in France.

On a typical day Olga teaches after school programs to groups of students ranging 3 - 11 years old. Her lessons focus on games and songs.  She also curates an awesome Facebook group for EFL teachers. Called Kids Learn English and Have Fun.

Olga’s game is called The Monster Game.  She likes to use it as an end of class review that ties in all of the language her students have learned in the day’s lesson.

The Details About The Monster Game:

  • It works with almost any language target and is very easy to adapt.
  • The only things you’ll need to play this game is a large open area and a bunch of energetic students.

In this example we’ll use numbers as the topic and the question “Are you ____ years old? “ as the language target.

Here's How To Play:

1)  The teacher picks a "secret answer" to the target question.  In this example the secret answer is 27 years old.

2)  The teacher slowly walks around the play area as their class asks different questions that use the target language.

Are you 6 years old?

No, I’m not

Are you 20 years old?

No, I’m not.

3)  When a student guess correctly,

           Are you 27 years old?
           Yes, I am?

4)  Then the teacher becomes The Monster and have to chase your students until you catch of them. (it’s kind of like the game What Time Is It Mr. Wolf except you don’t need a wall.

5)  Once you catch a student, they become the next Monster. That student will need to pick a secret answer that uses the topic (in this example it’s an age) and then the process repeats.

The Monster Game:

  • It’s a great way to review your days lesson.
  • It’s exhausting.
  • YOUR students will love it!

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