By Kevin Fabris

November 17, 2016

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This Super Simple game submission comes from David Dial an English teacher from Vallejo CA. David has been living and teaching in the Tokyo Area for 14 years and although he’s taught all ages and levels he’s chosen to specialize in teaching English to kids.

David is currently working on making illustrated guides for classroom games and teaching. If this game is any indication about quality we’re sure it will be awesome.

Here are the Details about Marco Polo:

  • This game can be used with any question and answer dialogue or even just as a call and repeat style game.
  •   It's best suited for small ESL classes with children between the ages of 5 and 10.
  •   The only materials you'll need are a long inflatable bat (or soft equivilant), a blindfold (optional) and a large open space.

In this example we're teaching weather as the topic.  With the target language "How's the weather?" It's ______.

Here's the Set Up:

  • Pre-teach your lesson’s appropriate dialogue or target language e.g. "How's the weather?"  "It's sunny!"  Establish three or four different replies before playing.  David told us that once your class understands this game it can also be used to teach and drill multiple higher level dialouges at the same time.

Here’s How To Play Marco Polo:

  1. Put on a blindfold or cover your eyes.
  2. Ask the target question.  When the students answer, try to hit the student with the inflatable bat (not too hard), based on where their voice came from.  Students should be trying to avoid the bat.
  3. Once you successfully find a student with your inflatable bat, switch roles with that student and repeat as necessary.
  4. This game can build upon it’s very easily.  Make sure that you are increasing the difficulty as the game continues by either introducing more responses or changing the dialogues.

Marco Polo:

  • It's Fun
  • It's Easy.
  • You're students will love it!

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This is quite possibly the easiest ESL game