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Over the past couple of years we've published a lot of games and resources.  We've had the opportunity to help a lot of other teachers and the process has been extremely rewarding.  A few months ago we had a contest in which we asked teachers from around the world to submit their favorite games.  The responses were absolutely awesome!  The games we received provided ideas and objectives that teachers in the Easy ESL Games community absolutely loved.

Marco Polo in class - Easy ESL Games

With that in mind we decided to once again ask EFL and ESL teachers (like yourself) ​to submit their favorite classroom games and activities and share them with other teachers from around the world.

​The games we select will be made into videos and blog posts and then  shared with all of the teachers that follow Easy ESL Games.

If your interested please fill out the game template provided.  After making over 100 classroom game posts we've settled on this format because it seems to be easiest for teachers to follow.  Here is an example that uses our game format.

Remember to include relevant links, photos and anything else you think will help.  Amazing teachers like you are what make language teaching so fun. THANK YOU!

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Why should you submit an ESL Game or Resource?

If you have an ESL / EFL based website, school or product feel free to link to your materials. Just try to remember to keep the links relevant.

If you're a new teacher and your looking to make a name for yourself or help yourself in job interviews having published materials shows that you're serious about your career.

On top of everything else, your game will help other ESL / EFL teachers help countless students.

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