By Kevin Fabris

July 19, 2016

This game forces students to REALLY focus on their pronunciation.  Actually to be more specific students have to concentrate on how they have to move their mouths to pronounce words correctly.

This ESL game doesn’t require any set up or materials.  A game can last 30 seconds if you play it once but you can easily stretch it out by using it as a review activity or dividing our class into teams and having a relay race instead.

How to play Read My Lips:

  1. Without speaking mouth that phrase to your students.   Pick a random phrase about yourself.  Eg. My name is Kevin.
  2. They’ll be confused at first.  But they’ll figure it out.
  3. Repeatedly mouth the phrase until one of your students guesses the correct answer.
  4. Once a student successfully guesses the answer you can assume your students know the rules of the game.
  5. Have your students work in pairs or groups.
  6. Ask them to take out one lesson related textbook and open it to the most recent homework.
  7. Have the groups/pairs of students play Read My Lips to review their homework.
  8. Only the student mouthing the phrase can look at the textbook.
  9. The first student that answers correctly wins.  
  10. Pass the textbook to a different student and repeat.

The lip reading makes students focus extra hard on exactly what the speaker is saying.  This helps to reinforce grammar, lesson materials and most of all pronunciation.


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