By Kevin Fabris

November 19, 2016

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This Super Simple Game Submission come from Gosia.   It’s called Fruit Salad.

Materials Required:

  • A minimum of 6 students.
  • A minimum of 5 chairs.
  • At least 3 pairs of topic related vocabulary cards.  In this example we're using fruit so we pairs of apple, orange and banana cards.

Here's How To Play Fruit Salad

  1. Make a circle of chairs. There should always be 1 less chair than students playing. This way one student will always be standing.
  2. Handout the fruit flashcards. Each student should have either an apple, an orange or a banana even the child that is standing.
  3. Next, the student that’s standing says one of the fruits from the flash cards. E.g. “apple”.
  4. All the apples have to stand up and look to swap chairs with one of the other children that has an apple card.
  5. The student that called out apple tries to sit on one of the free chairs the other apples left empty. This way a different student doesn't have a chair and there's a new child standing.
  6. The new child standing has to repeat the process by naming another fruit and trying to sit down in an empty chair.
  7. If a child yells "Fruit Salad" then everyone has to stand up and look for a new chair at the same time.

After a few rounds if you want to add a little more language in this game you can make all of the students that are sitting in chairs ask the question “What do you like?” and the student that is standing will have to answer, e.g. “I like apples.

Fruit Salad:

    • It’s Super Simple.
    • It teaches food related vocabulary.
    • Most importantly, It's fun!

Watch more here:

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